BUGADERIA AUTOSERVEI COLORS Cleaning and sanitation Tossa De Mar Girona

we are

We are a company committed to offering good quality in professional self-service laundering. We provide a complete service efficient and profitable, with a vision of respect for the environment. For this reason we have selected the best machines, products and energies in order to offer the best effectiveness with the least impact on the environment.

What’s more we also have our innovative Drop & Go service, in which we do the laundry for you, through our system of intelligent lockers.

For customers

Using our services you can be more respectful and reduce the impact on the environment, facing others and their environment.

We apply the three ERRES of ecology:


We apply the 3 R's of ecology


We reduce the consumption of electricity and water by using state of the art machines.
We reduce CO2 emissions during the drying process by using natural gas.


We recycle all packaging and containers that our business generates.


We re-use raffia bags , eliminating the need for plastic bags.